Faith Formation Administrative Policies

Registration: Online registration for the upcoming school year opens in July. Families must be registered members of St. James Parish in order to enroll in the program. Forms can be submitted online and payment can be made using the Online Giving link. Payment can be made through your bank account or by credit card.

Tuition: The tuition cost for elementary through Life Teen is a one-time fee of $80 per child. This fee covers the cost of textbooks, class supplies, utilities, building and grounds maintenance, equipment usage and salaries.

Tuition is capped at $240 for 3 or more children per family. Tuition Assistance is available for qualifying families. Please call the Faith Formation office for more information or with other tuition questions.

After January 1, the cost is $40 per child and capped at $120 for 3 or more children per family.

A special fee of $40.00 per child covers the costs of the sacramental programs.

Catechists: Our catechists come from the parish community and generously volunteer their personal time to share in the teaching ministry of the Church.
We aim ...

to have catechists and aides in each class;
to offer training / in-service in teaching methodology, lesson planning;
to offer sessions in theology and faith development;
to certify catechists according to the requirements of the Archdiocese of Atlanta.

Catechists are encouraged to participate in programs offered by the parish and archdiocese for spiritual enrichment. Catechists and the Director of Religious Education meet for lesson planning review, sharing of methodology and other concerns related to catechetical instruction.

Catechists are assisted by volunteer parents who act as aides in the classes. We attempt to limit our class sizes to enable the catechists/aides to give more individual care to each child.

Attendance: Prompt and regular attendance is essential to achieve the full benefit from the faith formation program. Repeated tardiness and absences will be addressed. Parents, please place a call to inform us about your child’s absence. In the case of repeated absences we will ask the child to make up the year’s work. Parents are asked to seek make-up work from the catechist.

Christian Behavior:The formation of a truly loving Catholic Christian Community within each class is a major goal in all faith formation. Peace and harmony prevail when all take responsibility for Christian behavior. Children and youth of St. James are expected to manifest respect for themselves and others. Love, peace-making, self-restraint and thoughtfulness are characteristics of our Christian Community.

Proper behavior in keeping with the virtues listed in the previous paragraph is an expectation. Disruptive behavior in class will usually be settled as problems arise. Faith Formation administration personnel will listen to and assist the child/youth upon the request of the catechist. In the matter of repeated disruption, administration personnel, parents and catechist, will come up with alternate solutions to the problem. We are always willing to help parents, children and catechists, so that situations can be settled peacefully. We encourage parents and catechists to alert us to any problems that may exist.

There is no skating permitted anywhere on the church premises.


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