Faith Formation Registration Form

NOTE: If you would prefer to fill out a paper form, click here: adobe Printable Form .

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Throughout the Religious Education year, photographs or video may be taken, and possibly used for publication in the Church Bulletin, on bulletin boards, and in local papers. I give my consent for my child(ren) to be photographed during 2020-2021 Religious Education year.


Reconciliation & First Holy Communion

  • Children in the second grade at least and who are active in the Faith Formation program of the parish for at least ONE YEAR PRIOR will be eligible to register for the sacrament preparation program.
  • Special preparation sessions for these two sacraments are held throughout the year before the reception of these sacraments.
  • A copy of the candidate's Baptism certificate must be presented at the time of the sacrament registration.


  • Youth in the 10th grade or older and who are active in the Teen program of the parish for at least TWO CONSECUTIVE YEARS will be eligible to register for Confirmation.
  • Candidates must attend a special program of preparation, a required weekend retreat and have performed service projects prior to the reception of the sacrament.
  • A copy of the candidate's Baptism and Communion certificates must be presented at the time of sacrament registration.


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With the help of many wonderful parent volunteers, St. James' Faith Formation Program is able to offer our children rich opportunities for growth in their Catholic Christian Faith. There is always a place for you in this program. It is important for our children to have both male and female role models, so please join us in sharing our faith with our children and teens.

ELEMENTARY - Share your faith with our PreK4 through 5th grade students
Lead Catechist - Plan and facilitate weekly faith lessons for PreK4 through 5th grade students.
Catechist Aide - Assist the catechist.
Substitute Catechist - Be available to teach a class when a teacher is absent.

MIDDLE SCHOOL ACTIVITIES - Be a part of the Edge Core Team.
Volunteers are needed to be small group leaders for groups of 8-10 middle school youth (6th, 7th, and 8th grade) and to help plan and organize activities.

LIFE TEEN - Assist leaders with service projects, social events, transportation, fundraisers, etc.
Volunteer to become a Life Teen Core Leader - plan and facilitate Sunday sessions, youth retreats, projects, etc.
Volunteer to help with transportation, service projects, social events, fundraisers, etc.

I am unable to volunteer at this time.

All volunteers 18 years and older are required by the Archdiocese of Atlanta to have a background check done before working with any children of the parish. We appreciate your willingness in this matter.