St. Martha Altar Guild

Saint Martha
Feast Day, July 29th
Patroness of Butlers, Cooks, Dietitians, Domestic Servants, Homemakers, Hotel-keepers, Housewives, Innkeepers, Laundry Workers, Servers, Single Laywomen, & Travellers.



We have a wonderful group of individuals who are dedicated to the care of the sacred altar linens on a rotational basis.  Each week, the used linens are picked up, taken home, laundered, ironed and returned to the sacristy. 

Just as the altar is a sign for us of Christ the living stone, altar cloths are used "out of reverence for the celebration of the memorial of the Lord and the banquet that gives us his body and blood." By their beauty and form they add to the dignity of the altar in much the same way that vestments solemnly ornament the priests. Such cloths also serve a practical purpose, however, in absorbing whatever may be spilled of the Precious Blood or other sacramental elements. Thus the material of altar cloths should be absorbent and easily laundered.

Care should be taken, however, that proper cleaning methods are used to preserve the beauty and life of the altar cloth. It is appropriate for those who care for sacred vessels, cloths and other instrumental of the liturgy to accompany their work with prayer.

If you are interested in serving in this special ministry, please contact Mara Martin at or call 770-957-5441 x101.

 Altar Linen Schedule

Please note return the linens by Saturday.

January ~ March 2019

Week of:
January 7  Char Conner
January 14  Kitty Gillette
January 21  Natalie Ferris
January 28  Tammy Gillies

February 4  Claudia Campbell
February 11  Channy O'Meara
February 18  Anne Allen
February 25  Kim Ivey

March 4  Sue Speas
March 11  Tuyet Nguyen
March 18  Char Conner
March 25  Kitty Gillette

If you are unable to take the linens, please contact
Mara Martin in the Parish Office at 957-5441x101.


Whatever is set aside for use in the liturgy takes on a certain sacred character both by the blessing it receives and the sacred functions it fulfills. Thus, the cloths used at the altar in the course of the Eucharistic celebration should be treated with the care and respect due to those things used in the preparation and celebration of the sacred mysteries.