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Registration/Enrollment Forms

 In order to register your child for preschool, all of the following must be turned in together:  registration form, all completed enrollment forms(see below to download the forms), registration fee, tuition payment (if applicable), current immunization form #3231 and copy of birth certificate.

Our Age Requirement Policy requires that a child be the age of that class by September 1st. No exceptions will be made.  Why can't we be flexible with this date?

1. It’s the Georgia state law and the policy of the Archdiocese of Atlanta's Catholic Schools.

2.  Our main purpose at St. James Preschool is to provide an educational foundation for each child so that they will have long term success in their upcoming school years.

3.  Research shows that “play-based” learning develops a child’s independence, maturity level, vocabulary, curiosity, problem-solving skills, gross and fine motor skills development and most importantly allows them to learn how to regulate their emotions.

4.  A child that may be “capable” academically does not necessarily mean that they are socially and emotionally mature.

5.  To honor the integrity of the “age-at-entrance” policy, we will not make exceptions for children that do not make the cut-off date.  Allowing them to experience repeating a year will only benefit them as they gain maturity and age-appropriate experiences.


Registration and Enrollment Forms for children age 12-23 months

Registration and Enrollment Forms for children ages 2-5 Years Old

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